Montana HILL

SEO manager
How did you end up on the French Riviera ?

After graduating high school in Honduras, I took a gap year and moved to Lyon to study French for 1 year. During my time there, I visited the South of France and fell in love with the region so I decided I would continue my studies in Nice !

How long have you lived in France ?

I have lived in France for 4 years now.

Tell us something people don’t know about you!

I grew up on the Carribean islands of Honduras and because of that my first language is English.

What is your favourite beach ?

There are so many beautiful beaches in the South of France, but I’d say my favorite is Coco Beach in Nice because it is one of the more private beaches.

If you hade to choose one place on the French Riviera what would it be ?

The Old Town in Nice !

What do you think is the best asset / personality trait / to be a good real estate agent?

Being honest, dependable and focused on building a relationship with your clients.