Our services

At Wretman Estate, we are a multi-cultural team dedicated to offer our international clientele the best possible service. 

We offer a complete solution that extends beyond the mere selling or buying of a property in south-eastern France : We assist and advise our clients with everything surrounding the acquisition or sale of a home in France. For us, a real estate transaction is not just the signing of a contract. Our client may need some professional advice, some assistance with administrative tasks and other practical chores. 

You need to start or cancel an account with a utility company or you need an insurance contract? We can assist you along the way. Our focus is to ensure that you feel secure under the entire process. 

We have an extensive network of professional stakeholders around the French Riviera and Provence including notaries, lawyers, construction crews, insurance companies, banks, accoutants and more… 

Our team includes 40 motivated co-workers of various nationalities, all living in the south of France and happy to assist you with anything you need.