The city of beautiful pastel-colored houses


Menton is the last stop on the French Riviera before the Italian coast, beautiful pastel-colored houses, most excellent restaurants and the charming old harbor makes it an attractive choice for those who are looking for houses and properties for sale in the south of France.

It is a small town with about 30,000 year-round residents, during the high season about 90,000 people live here. Menton is sheltered by the mountains and offers, with its micro climate, the most sunny days on the entire Riviera, here the temperature varies between 5 to 17 degrees in winter, and 18 to 28 degrees in summer.

The city annually houses many cultural events and party rallies, including the world-famous Lemon Festival in February-March which attracts around 250,000 visitors from all over the world.

Colorful medieval town Menton
Palmer of French Riviera

The proximity to Italy and Monaco, in connection with convenient connections to the airport, makes Menton, just like the rest of the French Riviera, an interesting option for those who want to purchase a holiday home in the south of france to easily get around Europe. The city also suits you who enjoy outdoor life, skiing and most hiking trails are within an hour’s drive, it is also possible to take the local train to picturesque villages both in Italy and France.

Menton is known for its many beautiful gardens, which were largely built by the English nobility. Among them finest is Val Rahmeh, created in 1905 by Sir Percy Radcliffe and named after his wife. The Fontana Rosa Garden belonged to Spanish writer Vicente Blasco Ibanez and is a tribute to his favorite author; Cervantes, Dickens and Shakespeare.

About 80% of Menton’s residents are French, the rest are largely other Europeans. In view of its proximity to Italy, other languages ​​are Italian and the locals switch easily between the two.

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