Real Estate agent in Cannes and surroundings
What is your role in the company?

I am a real estate agent in Cannes.

Tell us something people don’t know about you!

I would have loved to work as a chef. I tried on several occasions, but I quickly realized that a bag of onions had to be peeled and chopped in an hour and not two, and my chopped onion could not be sold twice as expensive, so I gave up this dream.

Why the French Riviera?

I worked in the French Alps for a couple of years in my 20s, this experience made me realize that I wanted to live in a sunny climate near the mountains.

The best ski resort in the area?

La Foux d’Allos is a hidden gem with a large number of ski-lifts and very nice skiing.

What do you enjoy doing on a day off?

I prefer outdoor activities – hiking, bathing, skiing …

The best restaurant on the French Riviera?

La Petite Maison in Nice.