We make searching for a property much easier

Taylormade searches

In addition to the properties for sale on our website, we also have access to thousands of other homes via our networks and databases. Even if the property you like is not listed on our site, we cooporate with other brokers, at no extra cost for you. We will happily show you a home that you have seen on someone else's website. We contact the broker in question and accompany you to the viewing of the property. For us it is important to find you what you are looking for, not to sell one of our homes.

Finding a property in France can be a daunting task, there are many different real estate agencies, the pictures are not always good, the descriptions are sometimes very short, and you don´t always get the exact location of the property. We take care of the hassle for you, just give us your wish list and we will search for the properties that match your requests. You can sit back and wait for our selection.

We speak your language

French administrative procedures are complex, but we are here to translate and explain. We also work with English-speaking notaries so you can feel safe with all the legal aspects.

We know the area

There aren't many realestate firms that work in such a large area. We cover the entire Riviera, from St Tropez to Menton and up in Provance and Le Var, and we have 6 offices strategically located along the coast as well as in Valbonne and Fayence. If you are looking for Cannes, Antibes, Menton, Mougins, or if you haven't yet decided, we can take you to all these places.

We prepare your visits in advance

Perhaps you are only here a few days and have a tight schedule. We optimise your time by sending you selections beforehand and arrange all the visits in one or two days.

Can't find what you are looking for among our properties on the website?

Send us a message with your search criteria and we will make a personalized search for you.

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