Administrativ assistent hos kontoret i Cannes
How did you start at Wretman Estate ?

When I studied my BTS in Real Estate, I was looking for a company where I could work half time as an intern. At that moment, both of my sisters were working as an assistant and Filip was looking for an assistant for the agency in Menton. They put me in contact with him and he hired me as an assistant.

Have you learned some words in Swedish ?

Yes, I learned some words in swedish thanks to my colleagues : Hej, adjö, tack sa mycket, varsagod, hur mar du, bra…

What do you think is the best asset / personality trait / to be a good real estate agent?

For me, a broker has to have various assets to be a good broker. He has to be honnest, professional, friendly and most of all competent.

What is your favorite ride / outing in the region?

For a ride for some fresh air, I would rather go to the Var for its forests and the countryside. For going out in town I prefer Cannes or Nice.

How does an ideal Sunday look like to you?

For me, an ideal sunday begins with a sleep in, then a lunch with the family and a ride or an activity with my family to end the day.

What do you like to do on your free time ?

On the days I’m not working, I like to do all the things I didn’t have time with during the week or that I always put off until the next day. Basically, I have to be productive !