Executive assistant in Cannes
Why did you choose the real estate industry?

I have always wanted to work within the real estate industry. The advantage is that there is a lot of opportunity in this branch of activity, the sector can bring great opportunities.

Why Wretman Estate?

It’s a business growing at incredible speed and it’s rewarding to build my career whilst the company is developing, I learn new things every day and my tasks are very varied. All of this in a Swedish company, working here is truly rewarding!

What are the most important qualities of a good real estate agent?

I think it takes more than one: determination and rigor, while being responsive and social. In short, be dynamic and have a good network.

Favourite restaurant?

As long as it’s a good Italian restaurant I’m happy! But I do love most of the small restaurants in the old town of Nice, where you can enjoy the specialties of the city.

What do you enjoy doing on a day off?

Horse riding, hiking, jogging.. In short: sports!

Favourite spot on the French Riviera?

The trails along the littoral Agay, are very pleasant in the spring! In summer the beaches of Boulouris or Théoule-sur-Mer. Early in the morning in autumn, I enjoy hikes in the mountains of the hinterland where you have magnificent panoramic views over our beautiful Côte d’Azur!