Wenche BAUTZ

Real estate agent for norwegian clients
Wenche BAUTZ
How long have you been living in France ?

I moved to France for permanent living in 2017. The last 6 years I have split my work time between Norway and France and during 35 years I have spent most of my holidays in France.

Tell us something people don’t know about you!

In Norway I am also a notary! And at the moment I am the only Norwegian real estate agent in France with this experience who also speaks French. It takes 5 years of studies and practise to become a real estate agent in Norway and this education is a legal and economic specifically aimed at real estate, heritage etc. This kind of diploma is not needed in France as we have the notaries who take care of the legal aspects. My experience and education gives me a unique possibility to advise my clients concerning the differences on buying properties in Norway and France, and to point out what the Norwegians have to be aware of during the buyers process.

What is your favourite beach ?

The beaches in Cannes la Bocca.

What is your favourite ski spot ?

I like Auron.

Why the French Riviera?

Ever since I was 19 and came to France for the first time, to learn the language, I have been in love with France. I went to Paris and Versailles a year, studied French there and then in Norway at the university in Oslo. Since 1984, I spent almost every holiday in France, all over the country. The sun and the colors made me stay on the French Riviera.