to be seen where it matters

We advertise in a variety of media, both in France, Scandinavia and abroad.

Industry magazines and international partners

We advertise in a variety of magazines and websites. For example, the largest real estate magazines such as Résidence Immobilier, Lux Résidence or Logic-Immo here in France, in 2018 we published a total of 207 pages in French real estate newspapers. We can also be seen in every issue of Riviera New and Club Danois, in Dagens Industri in connection with the housing fairs and sometimes SvD or DN.

Your home is also exposed through our partners abroad, such as Property Europe Online and Homehunts in England, Lommakotti in Finland, Finn in Norway, In-a-home in Denmark, Côte & Provence in the Netherlands and more.


Your property is placed on the largest databases for certified real estate agencies in France and therefore reaches out best to potential buyers and other brokers.

Professional photographers

We use legitimate photographers, and when shooting villas we also use drones to best promote the property.

Fairs, sponsorships and Events

Wretman Estate participates in housing fairs both in Scandinavia and internationally, a total of at least eight each year. We host events about the Riviera and the housing market here and often participate in events together with Swedes on the Riviera, for example with the Riviera Club, the Swedish Church, or the Swedish Golf Club. We sponsor at least four different associations and charities each year, including the Mimosa Marathon, the Riviera Club, Golf Cup Mougins and SWEA.

Radio, TV and interviews

Sometimes you can hear us on Riviera Radio or maybe you are lucky enough to see us on TV, or in commercials. Among other things, Wretman Estate has participated in Chasseurs d'Appart, a very popular television program about real estate agents, we have also been interviewed in various contexts in both Swedish and French TV and made commercials for SAS. We often give interviews in various journals regarding the brokerage industry and the French Riviera, both in Sweden and in France and have participated in a total of over 300 different media contexts.

Social Media

We are very active on Facebook and Instagram with many followers. We publish nice properties and give inspiration about the Riviera.

Champions de la Croissance 2019

 Champions de la Croissance ranks the 500 companies with the highest growth in all of France, all industries included. Wretman Estate is the 6th fastest growing company on the French Riviera, interesting to note is that the companies that rank higher than us are active in the extremely fast growing IT industry. At the national level, we are in 216th place out of 500 companies and we are the only real estate firm that has sufficiently high growth to be included in the ranking.

We are very proud of our ranking and feel happy to be the only real estate agency in France to enter this prestigious list.
Read more in the article of Nice Matin, the largest daily newspaper on the French Riviera. Note: the article is in French.

Do not hesitate to ask for a detailed list of all our marketing channels.