Assistent på Valbonne-kontoret
How did you end up at Wretman Estate ?

I studied a « BTS Immobilier » half time as an intern and when I got my diploma I wanted to continue studying by doing a Bachelor in Wealth Management with half time as an intern. I started at Wretman Estate thanks to Tiffany that informed me that Wretman Estate was looking for new interns. Then I submitted my CV and was called two days later for an interview and here I am in this amazing company !

What do you know about Sweden/ Scandinavia ? Do you know a few words in Swedish ?

I don’t know a lot about Scandinavia, but I have always like dits landscapes. I have always heard about how the ecology in the scandinavians countries are really in advance comparing to other countriwa, and I really admire that. I can’t wait to get used to the swedish language that I never really heard before.

If you had to choose one place on the French Riviera, which would it be?

I was born in Fréjus, but I grew up at Roquebrune sur Argens, a lovely little provencal village offering plenty of landscapes. So I would choose this place where I grew up and that brings up many childhood memories.

What do you think is the best asset / personality trait / to be a good real estate agent?

In my opinion, to be a good realtor you have to have great social skills and to love being around people, to appreciate guiding them in their life projects, and to be patient as well.

Where is your favorite place to go to the beach?

When I go to the beach, I’d rather go to small calm criques, not too crowded to be able to just relax. My favourite criques are located in the Issambres, where you can find many !