So you were sold on the idea to live the french dream surrounded by delicious wine, magnificent nature and a perfect climate? Perfect! Here you will find the everything you need to know to prepare you when moving to the French Riviera.

Moving and establishing a new life in a new country may seem scary, but if you prepare the process will be much easier than you think! The further list will help you to understand the French system and how to get started with your new life on the French Riviera.

Finding Your New Home on the French Riviera

Buying a Property

The first thing you need to do is find your dream home on the French Riviera. It’s important that you find a real estate company that can handle the whole buying process for you and also enjoy working with foreign clients. Wretman Estate is actually specialized in foreign clients with their English speaking agents and the company speaks a total of 15 languages. They will help you with the entire buying process, starting with looking for properties for sale on the French Riviera.

Renting a Property

Renting a property on the French Riviera is also a great option, especially if you are moving for a shorter period! However, there are some legal rules to follow in a renting process. In France the laws of renting a property depends on whether it’s a furnished or unfurnished property. You can find all of the information you need on the local renting laws in our article here.

Finding the Perfect Location

After considering whether to rent or buy a property on the French Riviera, you want to find the perfect destination that matches your specific needs. The beauty of the French Riviera is that you can find the beautiful coast, mountains, cities and towns all in one place!

Wretman Estate has many properties for sale on the French Riviera. Heres a list of the most popular areas and homes for sale to make your search easier:

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Working in France

As a European working in France, you do not have to legally apply for a residency permit. However, you need documentation to prove you’re staying for a job – It could be your work contract.  For example the first five years of your stay, you need to prove that you’re still working.  After living in France for five years, you legally become a French resident.

If you do not have a job there are also plenty of possibilities for you to work in France as a foreigner. On the website: Work in France you can find answers to your questions about starting a new job in France. It’s worth mentioning that speaking french is an advantage, but don’t let it scare you. Use this as motivation to learn a new language!

Moving to France with Kids

Moving to another country with your family is a big decision to make. You want to make sure your children are happy with your decision as well. For that reason, the list below shows benefits for foreign families in France!

Learning a New Language

Children pick up languages much faster than adults. Learning a second language at a young age opens many opportunities in the future! As it is known – Language is the key to communication in a global perspective. Furthermore, there are also International Schools on the French Riviera for children to improve their native language and learn French at the same time.

School System

The school system in France is one of the important factors to understand, because the system is very different from what you’re used to in other countries. You can find specific information about the school system in france.

In France, children start in nursery school (Ecole maternelle) from 2/3 years until 6 years old before primary school. The nursery school in France is not quite the same as in other countries and children actually as early as from 2-3 years because it is an important part in preparation for the work to come in primary school.

Additionally, the french school system is known for its high expectations from students. That means long school days, a lot of homeworks and every year ends with a final exam that decides if you can advance into the coming school year.


Did you know that France is known to have one of the best healthcare systems in Europe? You can find all of your health insurance information online, from the documents required to the specific types of health insurance that are available. Certain non-French health insurances do work in France so make sure to check if you are already covered!

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Retiring in France

Why not spend your retirement on the French Riviera? You can enjoy 300 guaranteed days of sun per year here! If you already have a property ready, then you apply for a long-term visa and obtain a residence permit, which is known as a carte de séjour in French. If you havent found your property yet, you can check out our large selection of properties for sale in the South of France.

You would then have to prove that you have the necessary financial means to retire in France. You can either provide your pension or a copy of your bank statements as proof.

You’re Ready to Move!

Although there are many things to consider when moving here, the experience of living on the French Riviera makes it all worth it.

Bon voyage!