The first impression is crucial when it comes to showing a home. Within the first 90 seconds, potential buyers already know whether they are interested in the property or not. Therefore, making sure a home looks ready to sell is a priority! After reading the following tips, you’ll know exactly what you can do to create an impactful and good first impression that will make visitors fall in love with your home within seconds.

Tip #1: Avoid Distractions

The first thing you have to do is to make sure all personal objects are removed. The goal here is to create a neutral space, just like a hotel room: welcoming, yet neutral. If you have broken shutters or ripped curtains for instance, we advise you to remove such objects, as it is better to not have things that are in bad condition on display.

Tip #2: Pay Attention to Details

Make sure your home is in a good general state before anyone visits it. Do cupboard doors open and close easily? Are the lights working perfectly? Make sure the walls are in good condition and if they need to be painted, do not hesitate to do so. However, if you want to refresh your home by repainting it, choose soft and neutral colors such as white or beige. Fixing anything that’s broken requires minimal effort and can make a huge difference. The goal is to avoid room for price negotiation from a potential buyer!

Well-lighted flat interior in a furnished property

Tip 3: Reorganizing The Rooms

It goes without saying that the home should be tidy and clean prior to a visit. Moreover, adding decorative items can help transform a room, making it more lively and warm. Here are some useful tips on how to better organize the space and create a charming atmosphere.

  • In the kitchen, choose to add a fruit basket on the countertop, or nicely folded dish cloths.
  • In the living room, a carpet underneath the table and cushions will create a cozy yet clean atmosphere. Decorate a room with few large accessories (such as lamps or vases) rather than plenty of small ones. Too many objects put in the same place take up too much space and can make a room appear smaller.
  • In the bathroom, make sure to hang nice towels of the same color scheme as the rest of the home. If your bathroom is rather small, light-colored walls and a large mirror can help create the illusion of a larger space.
  • In the bedroom limit the amount of furniture to create the illusion of a larger space.  Also, do not hesitate to replace the nightstands if they take up too much space, that way you can create the illusion of having more space!

Tip 4: Before The Showing

Make sure all the lights in the house are turned on, and that the shutters and curtains are open to let the sunlight in. Remember to turn the TV off to avoid distracting the visitors. You can also open the windows to let in fresh air before the visit starts. If you have pets, make sure that they are not in the home at the time of the visit. Clean up any mess in the entrance of the house and make sure to move any shoes and umbrellas out of the way. Bear in mind that the entrance is the first part of the house that the visitors will see.

After following these tips, you are on the right path to creating a strong first impression which will lead you to a purchase offer!

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