Every property needs proper service and care, especially when it comes to holiday homes on the French Riviera. There are important things to consider such as routine maintenance or administration work. This list guides you to professional property management companies.

Help for Your Property

It’s good to know what services you can find to have help when managing your property on the French Riviera. In fact, you can get help to manage your property in many of ways. These benefits are for those who meet the requirements set by the French administration who offer aid those who are retired or have a physical dissability.

When it comes to having neighbors, gardens and/or other practical areas that are on public display frequently need service. That’s why it’s important to know your rights and rules that explain what is allowed on your property and what isnt.If you have a swimming pool or are interested in one, there are certain restrictions to follow. That includes the installation or construction of a swimming pool on your property.

Property Management Services

House in Nice
There are companies that can help you manage your property when you’re not there. The company House in Nice is ran by a Norweigian- French and English speaking couple, who can help you with your needs on the French Riviera. Some of their services includes:

  • Supervision and maintenance: frequent property visits and maintanance
  • Administrative assistance: housing insurance and French taxing
  • Vehicle assistance: purchasing a car and/or car insurance
  • Renting services: advertising and rental contracts
  • Craftman services: painting and refurbishment

Another company who offers property management for your second home is Bnbkeys.com. They have many years of experience and offer both management services and seasonal rental services. Their highest priority is finding concrete solutions matching the customers needs. Their services are devided into three focus services:

  • Seasonal rental management:  ensure publicity and safety of the property
  • Property management: property visits and maintenance
  • Travel services: vacation proporties available to rent

As a homeowner, it’s important to maintain the property. That’s why you can find several professional property services on the French Riviera who gladly offer to help you when you don’t have the opportunity to maintain it yourself.