We have a total of 6 real estate officies spread around the French Riviera. Here we will let you know all about the different regions where they are located as well as the types of properties that are the most popular so that we can help you make your search much easier! 


The town of Menton is known was the “Pearl of France” and is the very last stop on the Riviera before reaching Italy. Before France annexed this lovely town after the French Revolution, it was ruled by Monaco’s royal Grimaldi family. It is a charming seaside town that is most known for its famous lemons, which are the best of the region. Every February, Menton holds their annual Lemon Festival. Locals create sculptures completely out of citrus fruit and parade them around town for everyone to see. Approximately 170 tons of citrus fruit is used every year! Each year there is a different theme for the festival and in  2019, the theme was “Mondes Fantastiques” (Fantasy Worlds). Around 240,000 people from all over the world come during this festival. Many families choose to move here when settling down due to its tranquil state.  Although it is located next to the Italian boarder, it is still just a short train ride away from other popular destinations on the French Riviera. Right before Menton, you have Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, a hot spot during the summer and the token vacation destination for many of the world’s richest families. Monaco is also another popular destination within close reach. Its famous Casino de Monte-Carlo, seen in several James Bond films, is what most come to see. Monacos’ Old Town, which is a place that many visitors seem to know little about, is a more laid-back picturesque area that’s home to the citys’ Oceanographic Museum.

Wretman Estate has an agency in Menton located right next to the towns port in a stunning terracotta building. The town has a total population of around 28,000 people and If you are interested in living in a more quiet town that appreciates both French and Italian culture, then this is the place for you. Whether it is in the towns center, seaside, or hillside, there a re many beautiful properties that we are sure you’ll love! There more residential area is known as Garavan, and it is where you can find larger apartments and villas. Properties here have beautiful views of the coast and often come with a garden and a pool. Here is a list of the properties for sale in Menton that we currently have.


Massena Square in Nice, South of France. Checkered tile floors and a large fountain of Apollo. Surrounding terracotta buildings that cover the streets of the old quarter.

Place Massena in Nice


The city of Nice is known as the capital and the cultural melting pot of the Riviera. It’s the place many people of different cultures call home and also where most foreign students chose to live while studying abroad. It is internationally known for its annual Jazz Festival which takes place in July and welcomes people from all over the world. The biggest airport on the French Riviera is located here, Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur, and it is where you will land if you ever fly into the South of France. Don’t worry, the other towns and cities on the French Riviera are just a short bus, car or train ride away! Nice is a beautiful city that has much to offer to those that visit it. At La Colline du Château, you can find a stunning view that overlooks the entire city and its stunning blue waters. Nice has both public and private beaches that you can expect to be packed from June until September! There are a few hidden beaches that many do not know about. One of them  is Coco Beach, which is nestled in a secluded area about 30 minutes from the city. You can find many amazing restaurants in Nice and we have information about the top restaurants in Nice on our blog!

Our real estate agency is located right next to Place Massena, the main square of the city. Its checkered floor and Tuscan red buildings make it the focal point of the city. Located right above our agency in Nice is the Swedish consulate. The CEO and founder of Wretman Estate, Johan Wretman, is actually an Honorary Consul of Sweden! Wretman Estate has many different types of apartments for sale in Nice, it all depends on what you are looking for. Nice has many types of locations, if you want to live in the more upscale area then we would recommend Cimiez, where Kings and Queens previously resided. If you are looking for a more lively area then we suggest you take a look at our apartments in the Old Town. If you want a mix of both then we suggest the Carre d’Or, which is a quiet neighborhood that is right in the center of Nice. Being a very diverse and vibrant city in the center of the French Riviera, many people who decide to move here are very happy with their decision!

Cimiez, is the more upper-class neighborhood located 20 minutes from the citys center. Here you can find large beautiful homes that stretch along a hill. It’s perfect for families because you can find a park, church and museums within a small area. The Carre d’Or is the more aristocratic neighborhood right in the heart of the city. Located next to Place Massena, it is close to the most popular shops and restaurants. Old Town (Vieux-Nice) is where you want to live if you are looking a more lively area as it is home to the citys’ nightlife. Garibaldi is also a good place to live that is known as the quieter area that is centrally located. Place Garibaldi is where many people go to have a drink or dinner and it is where you can find the famed Café du Turin, which has been known for its seafood since 1908! We also have larger properties  available in the surrounding picturesque areas such as Eze, Mont Boron, Villefranche-sur-Mer and St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and many more! Take a look at our homes for sale in Nice and its surrounding areas on our website.

cobblestone streets of Old town in Antibes. Plants growing out of the stone walls. Golden light fills the scene as the sun sets in the South of France.

Old Town of Antibes


Founded by the Greeks in 500 B.C., Antibes is a lively town located between Nice and Cannes. Holding the largest harbour of the French Riviera, Port Vauban is the center of Mediterranean yachting. This is also one of the most expensive ports, and storing your boat here can cost you millions!  The Picasso Museum is one of the towns main focal points. People come from all over to see the pieces of art Picasso created in the Grimaldi Castle in the 1940’s. The Old Town is very popular and where you’ll find local shops, bars and restaurants that are loved by tourist and locals. Antibes is a city that has much to offer and satisfies both families and students alike. Many of the people that choose to live in the Old Town of Antibes do it because they want to be emerged into its night-life. Like many other cities on the French Riviera, many of the pubs, restaurants and clubs are located within the Old Town. This is convenient for nights out with friends and/or family as everything is very much centrally located, and you can easily hope from one place to another! Plage de Salis is a calm small beach in this area where many locals go to spend the day at or during the night to have a drink with friends and family. Here you have a view of the cliff side of the Old Town along with the Grimaldi Castle and the many yachts settled in the harbor. La Rostagne is a popular area where many people look for homes in Antibes, as it is not directly in the center of the city, but it is still close by.

Cap d’Antibes is famed for its beautiful seaside views and where you should go if you are looking for a great hiking trail in the South of France.   It is also where you can find many of largest million dollar mansions on the French Riviera.Juan-les-Pins can be described as a more beachy version of Antibes and its known for its nightlife. Many people go solely to enjoy the clubbing scene for the night and then travel back home in the morning! The surrounding town of Biot is a small beach town right before Antibes, and it is famous for it’s glassblowing and even has a museum dedicated solely about its history! Sophia Antipolis is located above Antibes and is known as the Silicon Valley of the French Riviera as it is a technological hub! If you are interested in buying a property in this area, take a look at the properties for sale in Antibes! 


the old port of Cannes. Blue water filled with many yatchs and boats. Colorful buildings fill the background. South of France
Vieux Port in Cannes


Cannes is known for being the place many celebrities visit in the summer for the Cannes Film Festival. This festival is held at the Palais des Festivals right on the prominent boardwalk La Croisette.  During the summer, expect its beaches to be packed. Most beaches in the South of France have are full of rocks, however, Cannes beach is one of the few ones that has sand! During the summer months the beaches crowded with locals and tourists who come to see their crystal blue waters. Plage de la Boca, Plage du Midi and Palm Beach are all public beaches. Hotels on the Croissette, the boardwalk in Cannes, are where you can find private beaches if you are looking for a more secluded area. Our headquarter is right next to Rue d’Antibes, the city’s shopping street. Ten minutes above the city, you have Le Cannet, a quiet picturesque area where you can find an amazing view of the coast and the Isles de Lerins. Le Suquet is the medieval quarter of the city and is where you can find many museums, such as Musée de la Castre, and the farmers market, Marche Forville, where many locals go to shop for fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

Our headquarter’s in Cannes is located right next to Rue d’Antibes, the citys main shopping street. You can find many stores and restaurants on this street, which is why it is usually pretty busy. The more high-end stores like Rolex, Chanel, Cartier etc. are all located on Boulevard de La Croisette, which has a beautiful view of the beach and the towering palm trees throughout the mile-long Croisette! Cannes Banane is what they call the central area of the city because it is shaped like a banana and is where many people want to live as it makes it very easy to get around the city.   The famed Cannes Yachting Festival takes place at both the Vieux Porte and Le Porte Canto every September. It features many of the world’s most luxurious yachts and many yacht lovers come from all over the world to admire them! Palm Beach is an area in Cannes where many people go to spend a day because it has seafront restaurants, private beach clubs, hotels and a casino. One of Cannes most favorite bar/restaurant, Baoli, is located this area and is a go to for many of the city’s elite! We have many luxury properties for sale in Cannes. Depending on what you want, we have both modern penthouses with staggering views overlooking the city and charming houses with large backyards and pools.


beautiful old style building in Fayence. Square where you can find many of the town restaurants.
Hotel Les Armoiries in Valbonne


Valbonne is a commune that is located above the city of Cannes. The town itself was designed by Augustin de Grimaldi in 1519 and was to resemble a rectangular Roman. From above, you can see that every single building is built within straight lines and there is only one main road that winds through every block. On the contrary, its neighboring own, Mougins, was built by monks which is why it has a more logical winding design. Famed artist, Pablo Picasso, spent the last years of his life in Mougins and many other well known people often visited such as Edith Piath, Winston Churchill, Jean Cocteau and many more! Pictured above is the Hotel Les Armoires, which is in the towns center and is where you can find the towns best restaurants and local artisanal shops. Sophia-Antipolis, the technological hub of the Riviera, is also located next to Valbonne and it is the place to be if you work or aspire to work in the tech industry!

In this area, you mainly have countryside villas with pools and gardens. Since it is a small town that is located farther from the main cities, it is where many families choose to go and raise their children. You have many mansions in this area and also smaller townhouses that are more centrally located if that is what you are searching for. If you would like to purchase a property in Valbonne, take a look at the ones we have in that area!


View of a village in Pays de Fayence. Scenic view of the trees and old historic buildings in the South of France.
Ancient Village in Callian

Pays de Fayence

This is the more countryside area of the French Riviera. Pays de Fayence (Land of Fayence)  is a made up of 9 different villages: Callian, Montauroux, Tanneron, Bagnols-en-Foret, St-Paul-en-Foret, Fayence, Seillans, Tourretts and Mons. There is a magnificent lake right below Montauroux called Lac de St-Cassein. You have many activities available for you on the lake. You have nautical activities such as cayaking, paddle boating and much more. You have the lakehouse, La Maison du Lac, which can be decribed as a mini museum of the large lake itself and it also contains a shop where you can buy local handmade goods! The largest glider airfield on the French Riviera, Centre de Planeurs de Fayence,  is located in Fayence and offers a glider flight over all 9 villages! This area is very much quiet and scenic. You can find many artisinal and locally owned shops here. St-Paul-en-Foret and Bagnols-en-Foret are very popular areas surrounding the region and are secluded within nature.

In this area, there are mainly large villas that have pools and gardens with more of a Provence feel to them. You can find a property here at a much lower price than those that are closer to the coast of the French Riviera. If you would like to buy a property in Pays de Fayence, take a look at our selection!

If you are interested in purchasing a property in the South of France, make sure to check out the listings we have available on our website. If you see a property you like, feel free to contact us for more information!