The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Especially in France. The October 30 2020 Emmanuel Macron launched a second lockdown with new rules, restrictions and strategies. It also means new rules in real estate work.

Covid-19 has affected our daily work in many ways, but it’s also affected the real estate work. However, it can be frustrating to remember all the restrictions and changes. For that reason, the list below guides you to find the updated rules about Covid-19 in France.

General information in France

The lockdown in France has got almost everything closed, there are new rules of how to navigate outside and specified restrictions at work. Therefore it’s important to know about the Covid-19 affection in the working situation. Service.Public has a list of which the open and closed shops and workplaces. Evenmore, you can find other rules on such as health, social assistance, work, education, travel and much more. It’s important to carry the Exemption certification during the lockdown, also called Attention de deplacement. Another recommendation is to download the app Anticovid to protect yourself and others around you.

Covid-19 in the real estate company

The real estate agencies close for public visit from October 30 to December 1 2020. However the agencies are not shutting down their services. It’s still possible to contact the agency digitally. In fact, Wretman Estate is open for digital questions within working hours. The new rules have especially affected foreign travelers, because of the traveling restriction in the current month. It’s a good idea to communicate with the agency to know how the process will be for you as a buyer or seller.

To be continued…

This guide is based on the current situation in France (18/11 2020). That means the article will be updated, when or if the situation changes.