Hello Wretman readers, welcome to our newest blog post. This one’s for those of you who need inspiration for your lovely home on the French Riviera. Here you will get an insight on what’s next in design with styles, color trends and materials. Implementing this knowledge will allow you to add value to your home. This is great if you are looking to sell or remodel your current home. Here, we have collected the current 5 interior design trends for you :

1. Arches and Columns

Characteristics of Renaissance architecture include the use of classical orders and precise ratios to create a harmonious space.  It is a rebirth of the Classical culture that originated in Florence in the early 15th century and later spread throughout Europe, replacing the medieval Gothic style.

Columns and arches are the main focus when it comes to this trend. Different factors such as furniture design, decorative elements and colors can be manipulated to mimic this theme. The main focus on this design is to use classical orders to created symmetry and harmony through the use of different furniture pieces and wall structures in your home. Take a look at an example of this above inside one of our apartments for sale in Cannes!

2. Organic Warmth

The second predicted trend is creating a calm, nature-inspired space. This trend is a fine line between both the clean and modern aesthetic and the warm, organic aesthetic. For this trend, you will have to apply neutral toned colors and focus on keeping things minimal when it comes to decor. Implementing natural materials such as cotton, wool and ceramic are key elements for this trend.

Placing vases filled with whimsical plants such as baby’s breath and large pampas are a great way to execute this trend. Mixing muted earth-tones with neutrals colors such a beige and white are also crucial when it comes creating an organic feel!

3. Urban Jungle

After multiple lock-downs, I think we’ve all realized the importance of taking time out of your day to reconnect with nature and the difference it truly makes. The urban jungle trend creates a path to reconcile with and bring nature back into your home. This trend was extremely popular in the 70s, and it has come back today stronger than ever. To create this certain feel in your home, you will need to include multiple shades of green in your space and combine them with different jungle plants.

For example, you can paint one of your walls green, add dark, light or mixed wooden furniture and a large Monstera plant in the corner. To give it a finer touch, you could add furniture pieces with gold hardware, like the one picture above.

4. Blue Tones

If you feel like your home’s environment is chaotic, and you’re looking to calm it down, then this one’s for you! Implementing cool-toned colors, specifically blue, will allow you. Blue is one of three primary colors. Among the most popular shades of blue people add to their home are: royal blue, pigeon blue and cerulean. To paint the bedroom walls or even play with one wall in a different area of your home would be ideal for this trend.

The color blue has been psychologically associated with feelings of calmness and serenity in many people. This makes it a great color choice for a bedroom! To bring in even more depth to the blue, add white furniture and accents throughout the space. You can also create a more colorful yet harmonious feel by adding in decor and furniture that are the two other primary colors; red and yellow.

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5. Instagram-able Spaces

On the more modern end of this list, is this last trend. The foundation of this trend is the popular app Instagram. Creating a space (or spaces) in your home that are captivating and unique is a priority for many today that are looking to share their life on social media.

This is a focus for businesses, especially, as they want to increase their engagement online and in-store. Kitsch decor, which stems from the German word kitsch meaning ‘tacky’, is a combination of different cartoon-y and colorful pieces, which is key in this trend.

The thing that makes this trend so incredible is that you can mix different colors, styles and geometrics. This is the perfect way for you to put a personal touch on your interior. Of course, the main point for this one is to share it with your friends and family on social media!