Assistant at our office in Antibes
Why Wretman Estate ?

A real estate agent from Wretman Estate was handling the sale of my father’s apartment, he told me a lot of good things about the agency. When I started looking for an internship within the field of my studies, real estate, I was very eager to apply for a position at Wretman Estate.

Tell us about your background ?

Before embarking on the Wretman adventure, I studied drama at Cours Florent in Paris and I practiced dance at a semi-professional level.

What do you enjoy doing on a day off ?

I like to meet up with friends, play sports and enjoy the nice weather. In parallel with my studies in real estate, I am also taking acting classes at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Antibes. And at weekends, I often do short film projects.

What do you know about Sweden/Scandinavia ?

Unfortunately, I have never been to Scandinavia, but since I’ve met Scandinavians at the agency, I really want to discover it. I like the mentality, Scandinavians have strong values and are very close to nature.

Do you know any words in swedish ?

Yes, I even have a small list of words that I gradually add to: Hej, Tack tack, Bra, Hur mår du, Hejdå, … I am improving daily, especially thanks to Christina and Linda.

What are the most important qualities of a good real estate agent ?

It’s quite difficult to find “the best asset”. I think that a good real estate agent must be both assertive, attentive, rigorous and tenacious. In my opinion it is this set of qualities that determines the real estate agents success.

Favorite place on the French Riviera ?

The entire Riviera is full of charm, but if I have to pick I’ll say “les Calanques” for the natural beauty of its surroundings.