Caroline GRIOLET

Commercial agent at the Valbonne agency

How long have you lived on the French Riviera?

My parents have lived here for 35 years and I spent part of my childhood here. I came back to raise my daughter in this fairytale setting that not only offers golden raysof sun  that warm the heart and mood, but also the opportunity to dip your feet in the sea and hike in the mountains. It is a fantastic, chaotic world with an incredibly charming village life, all the while you get inner peace and inspiration from nature.

Tell something people don’t know about you!

I love poetry, I believe that life is a poem and that every person is a poem.

What did you do before you started working at Wretman?

I was a communications consultant in the luxury industry in Paris and Stockholm.

What does a perfect Sunday look like to you?

In the morning, my daughter and I go to the bakery to buy warm and crunchy croissants, which we take to my friends. They offer smoking good coffee and then we eat breakfast with a beautiful view in the village of Mougins. Then I go and have lunch with my daughter at “un moment chez mémé”. It is a bookstore and library that has a small cafe with good buns. When you have gone through the corridor with all the books, you come to a small door and there you are greeted by the most wonderful, small hidden garden that also has a restaurant. After that I take a horse ride in the forest with my daughter and end the day with the family around the smell of the barbecue and lots of laughter.

What do you prefer to do on a day off?

I prefer hiking in nature with people I love.

What do you think is the most important quality to be a good broker?

Honesty, the desire to solve the customer’s problem, expertise and knowledge of the business to offer an efficient and tailored solution.