of working with our rental department

Make the most of your property when you are not there!
Cover your charges, taxes and maintenance costs!
Maximize your financial returns!


Renting your property via us means security, agility and many benefits for you, for example:

Our good reputation, our international profile and our network of repeat customers

A professional team who knows the area like the inside of their pocket

Support and personal follow-up, before during and after your rental

Advice on how to best promote your rental property, to gain exposure and profitability

As one of our tenants, you can sleep safely knowing that we offer assitance and practical support throughout the whole stay

Save time and energy

Handeling the logistics of rentals is a time-consuming process. Skip the hassle of having to be available and present, and let us organize it all for you.

Our team takes care of your property, the marketing, finding tenants and manages all the pracital aspects of the rental.


Enjoy your property while benefitting from financial returns! 

Short-term rentals are more profitable than long-term rentals, on average 10% higher profitability.
Seasonal rental makes it possible to cover costs and generate an extra income.


As an owner of a furnished property that is rented out for short periods, you can enjoy tax reductions of up to 50% of the income.