Owning a property on the French Riviera is a way to “forget the madness of life” as Elton John describes it… It is. But do you have everything you need, while owning a property here?

This article guides you through the administrative processes you have to consider after buying your property on the French Riviera. From insurance to electricity and internet. It also gives you tips on how to maintain your property. Maybe you want to rent it out? Maybe you’re struggling to keep the garden in shape while you are away? We will guide you through all you need to know when owning a property on the French Riviera! If you are interested in buying a holiday home in the South of France, take a look at ours at Wretman Estate.


After you buy a house in the South of France, there are some necessary administrative matters to handle. Such things can be frustrating and challenging if you don’t speak the language or know the culture. Wretman Estate offers to guide you through this whole process, ensuring that you are satisfied!


To start with, in France it’s a law to have housing insurance. As a homeowner you need to, as a minimum, have third party liability insurance. It includes an insurance policy that protects the property against potential damage that may be caused by a third party.

It is important to make sure that everything is covered when choosing the right insurance for your home in the French Riviera. For a property in Southern France, it can include a swimming pool, a garage or additional buildings on the property such as a pool house or a even separate guesthouse. So when choosing the right insurance for your home, make sure it covers everything, whether it for a holiday home or for a property you live in year round.


When it comes to choosing or changing the electricity company for your property in France, there are some steps to follow. In case you want to change the current electricity provider, you can change it for free. There are several guides provided by the French government on how you can choose the right electricity provider for your needs. Electricity prices in France are considered considerably low when compared to other countries, at an annual price of around 850 euros.


To install TV and Internet in your new home, you will have to make a contract with an operator. The chosen operator is required to inform you of certain information before the signed contract. For example, information about conditions of the providing service, contract renewable and quality service. Furthermore, there are three steps you can follow while cooperating with the chosen operator.

  1. The agreement (Accord)
  2. The contract (Remise du contrat)
  3. The security deposit (Dépôt de garantie)


If you have a private pool on your property, you must make sure it complies with current laws. These mainly aim to limit the risk of drowning.

Aerial top view of girls in swimming pool on a french property

While You’re Away

Renting Your Home

If your home on the French Riviera is a holiday home, you can rent out the place while you’re not there. The owner is free to set the rent of an empty or furnished property unless it is located in a tense area, then rent control applies.

Maintaining the Garden

As an owner of a property with a private garden, you have to obey to these rules:

  1. Protection against wildfire
  2. Protection of the environment
  3. Public safety

It can be challenging to maintain the garden if your property is a holiday home. Therefore it’s a good idea to employ a gardener. Why don’t you ask your real estate agent or other homeowners on the French Riviera for recommendations?

There is a lot to consider for a homeowner on the French Riviera, and it’s obviously an advantage if you speak French. Don’t hesitate to ask your real estate agent for advice on how to go about or recommendations for people and companies who can help in different situations.