The first thing you have to do when buying a new property is to insure it. We will guide you through the different types of home insurances.

Types of insurance

In France you’re committed to take out insurance for your property. The type of insurance depends on if you:

  • Are a tenant
  • Own the property
  • Rent out your property as a holiday home

All insurances must include responsibilité civile also called third party liability insurance, which covers if someone else damages your property.

For renters

According to the law in France you are obligated to take out Risques locatif insurance if you are renting the property. It covers the tenant for any damage on the renting property.

You can also add additional insurance from the list below which may prove useful in certain circumstances.

For homeowners

If you own a property, it’s important to know which insurance will cover all risks. Multirisques habitation covers damage such as explosion, fires and water damage. Furthermore, it includes civil liability, compensation of damaged material. The owner with family and pets are also insured.

The insurance company GAN can help you take out an insurance corresponding to your needs.

Holiday home insurance

As an owner of a holiday home, the Multirisques habitation insurance is also a good option. If you rent out your holiday home, you have to make sure the insurance covers this.The tenant should take out the insurance Risques locataire if it’s a longer period. If it’s a shorter period of time, you can demand a deposit from the tenant to cover any damage on the property.

How to find the best insurance?

It’s not difficult to find insurance because the industry is huge. However, if you are in a buying process your real estate agent can help you find a trustful insurance firm. GAN is one of the firms that can help you with all your needs to insure your property on the French Riviera.

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