The South of France has much to offer, including vineyards. Here we have compilled a list of the different vineyards we recommend you visit:

This area is famous for their Bandol wines. Domaine de Terrebrune consists of 30 acres of land and is located in Ollioules, a village close to the city of Toulon. This vineyard specializes in red, white and rosé wine. George Delille took over the land in 1963 and turned it into a functioning vineyard that would later be passed on to his son, Reynald Delille. They are well-known for their red Bandol wine, which has a fresh taste that is not too overpowering like most reds.

Château de Bellet is located just 20 minutes outside of Nice and their vineyard surrounds a chapel. They age their bottles for an average 30 years and offer wine tours all year long. Château de Bellet uses organic farming methods to make sure that they’re wine is the very best. They have three ranges of wine; Château de Bellet, La Chapelle, and Agnès. They offer wine made of rare grape varieties such as Rolle, Braquet and Folle Noire. Its unique soil is a result of its placement between the mountains and the sea. Being in the South of France, this vineyard gets plenty of sunlight year round!

This vineyard is on property that is 340 acres in total, however vines only make up 40 acres. The rest of the land consists of olive tree, and altogether it stretches throughout the Provence communes Villecroze, Flayosc and Tourtour. Their oldest vine was planted in 1927, and they still use it to produce a certain Rosé! Their three ranges of wines are: Le Château, Les Abeillons and L’Exception. The soil in this region is made up of limestone, clay and rocks and Château Thuerry use a mix of both traditional and modern methods.

Château de Berne is a favorite for many people in the South of France. It is also located just outside Lourges in the Provence region, and they produce delicate red, white and rosé wine. Apart from the vineyard, on this stunning property you also have their restaurant, 5-star hotel and spa. It all stretches through a total of 121 acres of breathtaking land and is surrounded by 500 acres of forest. Their winery produces around 750,000 bottles yearly! The cool climate in the Haut-Var allows the grapes to age well and gives their wine a beautiful richness. If you want a full experience that guarantees satisfaction, then this truly is the place for you.

Domaine des Hautes Collines is located on a hill in Saint-Jeannet, close to Nice. What makes this vineyard unique is that they actually age their wine in glass bottles outside in the sun, as that what how the Romans used to do it on that area! The owner of the vineyard, Georges Rasse, is actually an Artist and puts his artwork on their bottles of wine. At this vineyard, you have a wonderful view of the French Riviera from high up. In 1948, the current owners father planted his first grapes and over 40 years later in 1986 George Rasse took over the vineyard and made it his own, creating finer wines of different varieties!

This fine winery is located above Saint-Tropez in the village of Lorgues. It stretches over 130 acres of land, 72 of which are for Château Roubine’s grape vines. This wonderful property has much history  as it has been around since the 1300s.  It is one of the finest in the region and was actually formally recognized by the decree in 1955. Château Roubine believes in implementing sustainable agriculture practices when producing their bottles of red, white and rosé wines. If both wine and history interest you, we highly suggest you visit this vineyard and learn more about the story behind the finest Château Roubine yourself!

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