Hiking is a well favorited activity for many, especially for many here on the French Riviera. Here we have created a list of the most stunning hikes in the South of France:

Named after the famed German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the Nietzsche Path is where Friedrich would wander when he lived in the quiet village of Eze in the late 1800s. This hiking trail takes about an hour to complete and starts at the bottom of the coast at Èze-Bord-de-Mer and ends at the very top at Èze-sur-Mer. You can read all about Èze in our blog post about the different villages in the South of France. This is one of the easier hike for you to go on however it has the most stunning view of the Riviera. In the photo below you can get a glimpse of the view you can expect.

village in south of france
 Jardin Exotique d’Èze

The Baou de St. Jeannet is right next to the village of Saint-Jeannet, which is located in Le Var. It is about 3 hours and 5.94 km long from start to finish. At the top at about 780 meters high, you have one of the best countryside view of the French Riviera. This is a great hike to do on the weekend if you are looking for something a bit for intense. St. Jeannet is also a quaint village that has been around since the 1300s that has much history too it if you’re interested in checking it out!

The Parc Naturel de la Valamasque is located just outside the town of Mougins. Right in the middle of this beautiful natural park is where you can find l’Etang de Fontmerle, a pond where the beautiful Nelumbo Nucifera lotus flowers bloom from the beginning of July up until September.  This is a great place to come with kids and to disconnect and enjoy nature.

This 5-hour hike is about 11 km long and takes you through the Estellier mountains. You hike for approximately 30 minutes up to the mountain peak where you have an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and villages. As you walk down, you will hike throughout the surrounding villages of this area known as village des Ferres. You will reach the Oratory of Notre-Fame-du-Brec, on a calm strip of land. This hike is perfect for you if you are looking for something a bit more intense with equally stunning views!

Gorges du Verdon is the largest canyon in all of Europe and through it runs the stunning bright blue waters of the Verdon river. It is located right between the village of Moustiers-Saint-Marie and Castellane. This hike takes around 7 hours to complete and runs about 13 km long.  It is definitely the most challenging on this list. From the start at La Maline, you will follow the path that takes you throughout pass the Charencon revine, Baume-aux-Boeufs cave, l’Entroit des Cavaliers and other magnificent sights for you to admire.

Gorges du Verdon

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