Without a doubt, the South of France is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, which is why many people from all over seek to move here. You have some of the most breathtaking views in one single region! Here is a list of nice walks on the French Riviera that you can take either alone or with friends/family that will absolutely stun you.

  • Tour du Cap d’Antibes

This is a seaside walk that takes you around the coastline of Cap d’Antibes, which can be seen in the picture below. During the spring and summer months, this is the perfect walk to go on if you are looking for something easy and calm. In the summer, it can be filled with people because it is actually very popular and a favorite for many. It is truly a picturesque walk, and you will feel as if you are dreaming as you walk alongside the rocky blue cliff side of the Mediterranean Sea! Cap d’Antibes is also where many people chose to buy a villa in the South of France, and is where you can find wonderful luxury villas, if you are thinking about buying a holiday home in the South of France.

Cap d’Antibes
  • Point de l’Aiguille

Located in the sleepy beach town of Théoule-sur-Mer, this is another beachside stairway that takes you throughout the more rocky coastline of the French Riviera and to the arch known as the Point de l’Aiguille. Here is where you can also find one of the hidden beaches in the South of France, Plage de l’Aiguille. If you want to know more about these secret beaches, then check out our separate blog post all about them!

Esterel Beach in Théoule-sur-Mer
  • Canal de la Siagne

Canal de la Siagne is a 46.7 km long canal that stretches all from the city of Cannes up until Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne, a commune in the Grasse region. The water is almost completely clear and the canal is surrounded by nature. The Riviera is mainly known for its beaches, the Canal de la Siagne is much different from the others walks and has a more forest-feel! This is a great place to walk in the summer if you are looking for a calm swim in the purest waters. Cannes is also one of the more calm cities in the South of France. It is a great place to buy a private luxury villa in the South of France, if that’s what youre looking for!

  • Le Haut Montet

Located in the mountains right above Grasse, Le Haut Montet is located in the Caussols region will give you a complete view of the French Riviera, and the Mercantour and Cheiron mountains. At the top you have the Radar de l’Aviation, which resembles a large white orb. You can see fields of orchids in the spring or inches of snow during the winter! There’s a parking lot up the mountain, and after that to reach the top it is about a 1-hour walk. This is a great thing to do if you are looking to get out of your city/town.

  • Îles de Lérins

Île Saint-Honorat and Île Saint-Marguerite are two islands off the coast of Cannes that are known as the Îles de Lerins. Throughout both of these islands you have beautiful views. At Île Saint-Honorat, you can find the Forteresse de Saint-Honorat which was previously a monastery built in the 11th century. At the very top of the fortress you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. On the bigger island, Île Saint-Marguerite, you have Forte Royal de L’ile Sainte-Marguerite which is famous for housing a mysterious prisoner in an iron mask in the 1600s, l’homme au masque de fer. These islands are the perfect place to visit in the early summer before too many tourists have arrived.

Abbaye de Lerins, Île Saint-Honorat