Meglere i Vence og omegn
Agent immobilier Vence

How did you end up on the Riviera?

I was recruited from my job at Ericsson in Lund to the consulting company Northstream which had an office in Sophia Antipolis, where we worked with technology strategies for clients in and outside France.

Tell me something people do not know about you!

I spent a fair part of my study time in Lund broadcasting student radio, it was insanely fun and you got to meet many exciting people. It taught me the art of verbal commmunication, with demands to be both quick and clear in my transmission. Despite this commitment, I studied a Master of Business Administration with marketing as my specialty.

What is your favorite getaway on the Riviera?

I would probably have to say Italy, close enough to be able to make a day trip and yet different than at home in Antibes. Add the food, the wine, the atmosphere and the lively and lovely people, what more do you really need?

What did you do before you started working for Wretman?

In recent years, I have been a broker here on the Riviera. But before that, I worked for many years with telecommunications and technology at Ericsson and Texas Instruments, among others, with the forerunners of what almost everyone carries with them in everyday life today: smartphones! I am both happy and proud that both some ideas and technologies that came about more than 20 years ago are actually still relevant today.

Which is the most difficult word / most interesting word in French?

Anticonstitutionnellement, one of the children came home from school one day and wondered if I knew what the longest word in French is. I know now.

What do you think is the most important quality of being a good broker?

Responsiveness, listening to understand their customer and how they work. You can do poorly without it. Then there is a long list of other qualities you can not do without; integrity, flexibility, communication skills in speech and writing and, of course, patience.