Nice has hundreds of restaurants to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide which to pick. To help you, we have listed the best and most delicious restaurants in or around Nice, according to the team members of Wretman Estate. With their special and personalized recommendations of really delicious restaurants, you won’t be disappointed! 

1. Four Restaurants – One Owner


When the same person runs more than one restaurant in the same city, you can expect their food to be delicious. Armand Crespo runs four restaurants all with different atmospheres, but with one thing in common: flavourful food!

Bistrot d’Antoine is a classic with their tasty food and is located right in the heart of the Old Town. The often fully-booked restaurant Comptoir du Marché, also located in the Old Town, is a cosy and retro bistro where the chef’s work and creations are full of the colors and scents of the local market.

Another little classic place is Bar des Oiseaux, a small cornerhouse in the old town, which is definitely worth trying if you want to have a delicious lunch. Not far from the Town Hall you will find Peixes, the perfect place if you are a lover of seafood! It gives you a Mediterranean feel and the food is served in small dishes making it the perfect place if you want to expand your taste buds.

Narrow street in old tourist part of Nice filled with local restuarants and colorful buildings.

2. A Piece of The World

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There’s a place where you canfind dishes from all the world’s cuisines. Gare du Sud offers a food hall where only the imagination sets the limit. If you are a bigger group unable to decide whether you want Thai, Mexican or local food, then this place is the perfect spot!

3. The Little House of Great Taste

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The name of the restaurant La Petite Maison means the little house. However, the taste of their delicious food and the experience is by no means little. This local restaurant serves French Mediterranean food and at the same time you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city on their terrasse.

4. The Heart of Nice


The house of Marie, or as the original name, La Maison de Marie is an elegant place greatly inspired by Mediterranean sea. This restaurant interprets traditional dishes and the staple Nice and Corsican specialties. It’s located in the heart of Nice right next to Place Masséna!

5. Benvenuto in Italia


Picture of Manarola touristic village in Cinque Terre National Park, Liguria, Italy, Europe. Cliffside view of ocean and colorful houses all along the coast.

We all love Italian food. With Italy being next door neighbour to the French Riviera, you will find delicious and local Italian food in Nice too. Di Piú is one of the Italian restaurants in Nice and it’s located right next to the sea. It’s a combination of an impressive terrace with a view to the sea, a menu that will please everyone and an unique atmosphere! It is a must-try place in Nice.

6. Generational Food


Lou Pantail is a small friendly and family restaurant run over three generations. They serve Nicoise and Italian specialties. It’s worth trying if you like a more informal atmosphere and want to feel like you’re right at home!

7. Food with a Show


Whether you are searching for lunch or dinner this bar restaurant, Coté lounge, welcomes you with its relaxed atmosphere to discover the world cuisine. If you like to enjoy a cocktail after dinner, the bar is open with great music from DJ sets.

I hope you got inspired by the world cuisine in one city. If you are still searching for a delightful restaurant, you can visit Tripadvisor for more suggestions and reviews. If you are intersted in properties for sale in the South of France, make sure to check out Wretman Estates listings!

Bon appétit !