Antibes is a charming town in the South of France that has much to offer to both locals and those who visit. Fresh seafood, kind people and a relaxed ambiance is what you’re guaranteed to get here! This town is also known to have amazing restaurants that serve delicious food. We’ve compiled a list for you of the best restaurants in Antibes, some being the best on the French Riviera, so you don’t waste your time searching:

This wonderful Italian restaurant is located in the old town of Antibes. Its interior is airy and bright and its menu includes fresh homemade pastas and pizzas made with pure organic ingredients. This is a great restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner with a glass of wine during the summer at the square of the old town! One of the the main attractions in many cities in the South of France is the more historic area or, “old town”, because of its picturesque charm.

Le Comptoir de la Tourraque is a restaurant that truly appreciates modern gastronomic cuisine. Its ambience is cozy and welcoming, making it the ideal place to go for dinner.  Their plates are well curated and give you flavorful combinations that are equally comforting.

This charming restaurant is located inside one of the main streets of Antibes and is run by the young couple Arnaud et Roxane Lacombe. The restaurant has a true French tavern feel overall, and they’ve been awarded a Michelin Plate for their good cooking! They celebrate French South-Western cuisine by giving it a modern twist. They produce their own fruits, vegetables and herbs and use them to create their delicious dishes!

This Michelin star restaurant can be found in Antibes Old Town. Each plate is bursting with different flavors, making it a true gastronomical experience for your taste buds! The restaurant itself has a Provençal style to it and even has its own courtyard seating. You will feel like you are dining in a home in the South of France when you come here. The head chef is Christian Morisset,  who originally started out as a pastry chef but then became a culinary chef.

Les Pecheurs is a superb Michelin star restaurant that has a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea! Its chef, Nicolas Rondelli, creates delicate and flavorful dishes that are greatly inspired by the South of France. Many of the plates are seafood based, so if that’s something you love then make sure to check out this top restaurant!

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